Laughing Squid is more than just a web host, it is also on the front lines of culture and art. Their tentacles touch many parts of the Internet, including Tumblr. Here is a sampling of some recent cool content from

Octopus Sculpture Made Out of Typewriter Parts

Squid Costume

We all sleep in a yellow submarine. (Photo by lane becker)

Tentacle Pot Pie

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea 3D Book Cover by Jim Tierney

Laughing Squid 15th Anniversary Poster by Josh Ellingson

Step 2: Cut Strips

Step 2: Cut Strips

Step 4: Add Suction Cups

Step 4: Add Suction Cups

Step 6: Insert Human

Step 6: Insert Human



Design by zephyrbunny (click either link below for complete instructions).

Sighted by Nick, via Buzzfeed, via Instructables

As promised, here is a photo of this year’s Halloween costume!

Hobo #108: Cthulhu Carl

Hobo #108: Cthulhu Carl

I realize this might require a little bit of an explanation, particularly if you are not familiar with works of John Hodgman. A modern classic, The Areas of My Expertise is a tome of fake trivia and made-up facts, and one of the many topics covered is that of hoboes—namely their near rise to power, and eventual planetary exodus, during the early decades of the 20th century. Included therein is the list of 700 hobo names, and name #108 on that list is “Cthulhu Carl.” Over the years, artistic interpretations of all 800 of the 700 hobo names (the paperback edition comes with an additional 100 hobo names, you see) have been produced, and you can see them all at

Incidentally, this is not my first Hodgman-inspired hobo costume. In the past I have also been Hobo Zero (#13), Fabulon Darkness (#275), and Doc Aquatic (#118).

So, about the costume…

I started at the “hobo baseline”—beard, knit-cap, plaid shirt, and old corduroy pants. (I would have also gone with fingerless gloves, but they were unnecessary for obvious reasons.) Next, I cut a head hole in some decorative netting and wore it like a sarape. Entangled within the net are an octopus, a squid, a crab, and a puffer fish. Funny story: the net came packaged with a real sea star, and as a result it had a strange odor…not quite “fishy,” but maybe “echinodermy??” It added an unexpected layer of olfactory authenticity!

Under my hat, I inserted three fronds from a plastic aquarium plant (the one that seemed to most resemble seaweed) to which I had hot-glued a plastic sea star and squid (you can’t really make them out in this photo, which is too bad). This had an added effect of making it look like I had really nasty dreadlocks.

And finally, the best part, the tentacle arm…

I made it out of one half of a pair of girl’s tights (I was hoping for green, but purple was an acceptable alternative), and a strip of suction cups cut from a bathtub mat. I simply cut a little hole for each suction cup and pulled it through. I’m actually kind of shocked that it worked as well as it did! And it was functional! See how the suction cups firmly grip my pint glass!

Happy Halloween!!!


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