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It should be clear to all by now that the Internet is also an infinite source of images of things with moustaches.

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The Internet, it seems, is a nigh-infinite source of cephalopod related material. If you, like myself, are a ceph-blogger that has gotten behind on things, the thought of diving back into the fray can be rather daunting. However, I have so much cool material I am dying to share with you, that I’m taking the plunge anyway!

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"Yule Squid" by HWANGO

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It is the solstice tonight, which means, of course, that it is also Cephalopodmas! This blog has been woefully neglegted as of late, yet the sprit of the season still courses through my lazy ass. Maybe Cthulhu Claus will fill my stocking with extra time that I can use for blogging! I also wouldn’t mind an iPad…

The following amazing illustrations are plate details from Molluscs and Shells (1852-1856) by Augustus Addison Gould.

Octopus ornatus

Octopus ornatus

Octopus mimus

Octopus mimus

Octopus megalocyathus

Octopus megalocyathus

Onychoteuthis rutilus

Onychoteuthis rutilus

Sighted by Chris (via BibliOdyssey)

Laughing Squid is more than just a web host, it is also on the front lines of culture and art. Their tentacles touch many parts of the Internet, including Tumblr. Here is a sampling of some recent cool content from http://links.laughingsquid.com:

Octopus Sculpture Made Out of Typewriter Parts

Squid Costume

We all sleep in a yellow submarine. (Photo by lane becker)

Tentacle Pot Pie

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea 3D Book Cover by Jim Tierney

Laughing Squid 15th Anniversary Poster by Josh Ellingson

I’m starting to think there might be an Octopus Day curse, at least as far as this blog is concerned. As I write this, it is 11:11 (make a wish!), so it still counts, right? (Of course, who knows what time it will be when I finally click “Publish.”)

One of my goals for this blog is to maintain the most comprehensive list of cephalopod-focused (or at lest ceph-friendly) blogs possible. Over the past year, I’ve encountered a veritable shoal of Tumblr blogs dedicated to our tentacled friends, and here are three must-subscribes for any octopus enthusiast. I’ve included a sampling of recent content from each blog, and you can click on the images to see the original posts.

1. Fauna: http://rhamphotheca.tumblr.com

White Spotted Octopus (Octopus macropus)

White Spotted Octopus (Octopus macropus)

Coconut Octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus)

Coconut Octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus)

Angel Octopus (Velodona togata)

Angel Octopus (Velodona togata)

Blue-ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena sp.)

Blue-ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena sp.)

2. [Octopoda]: http://octopoda.tumblr.com

Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus)

Augustus A. Gould, Mollusca and Shells, 1856, Argonauta geniculata; Octopus megalocyathus

Augustus A. Gould, Mollusca and Shells, 1856, Argonauta geniculata; Octopus megalocyathus



Underdog by Devin McGrath

"Underdog" by Devin McGrath

3. Octopus Watch: http://octopuswatch.tumblr.com

"The Sea"

steampunk octopus

ninja octopus

Skot Olsen

©Skot Olsen

The artist’s own words pretty much say it best…

Saint Architeuthis is the patron saint of doomed sailors. While the origins of the saint remain unclear, it’s recent history and worship are well documented. Whalers who turned their attention to catching giant squid and sea serpents in the 19th century, began asking Saint Architeuthis for mercy whenever a hunt would go awry, which was fairly frequent. When hunting for such animals, one would sometimes be thrown over board or a boat would sink exposing the men to whatever was in the water at the time. A sailor would ask Saint Architeuthis for the quick and relatively painless death of drowning, rather than the hideous demise of being ripped apart by the beak of the squid or chewed up in the sea serpent’s hideous maw. Often, men would have visions of Saint Architeuthis who would appear before them in the form of a gigantic, yet benevolent squid wearing a bishop’s mitre and carrying tools of the squid hunter’s trade.

Still available: Limited Edition (signed and numbered run of 50) Gliclee on heavy watercolor stock; 14.5″ x 27″. $200

This was recently submitted by my friend Will, and it seems particularly timely because I just finished reading Kraken by China Miéville. Although not specifically mentioned in the book, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this painting adorns the secret sanctuary of the Church of God Kraken.

A hard battle, bravely fought

September 24, 2010

I didn’t want to speak too soon, but we finally got our Internet fixed this week!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Squid Blog will now resume its regular schedule.

Divers Haul jdillon82


“Diver’s Haul” by Julie Dillon. Check out her work on deviantART.

(Via Hello Zombie!)


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