T-shirt Tuesday: Octopus hoodie mystery solved! Sort of…

February 15, 2011

Back in June, as you may recall, I posted this image from the History Channel reality Pawn Stars.

I have been unable to track down anything about this hoodie, but in the comments on my original post, a helpful reader named Jeremy has just informed me about the following URL: www.souloctopus.com. As you can see here, this is clearly the same “Soul Octopus” logo, but, sadly, the site is under construction. Picture 31

Jeremy tells us that this holding page has been there for at least a few months, so who knows when the Soul Octopus will finally give up its inky secrets?

2 Responses to “T-shirt Tuesday: Octopus hoodie mystery solved! Sort of…”

  1. Cody said

    Soul octopus is a local surf company based out of Silver Strand beach, Ca
    Kevin (owner) shapes surfboards..and sells shirts, hats, hoodies ect been around all of my life… I grew up at silver strand and used to live across the street from him…

  2. Hi Everyone,

    great website you have here.
    I just noticed this post and wanted to also share our Facebook page with you.
    Our shop is forthcoming but yet but if you are interested in being notified of updates, you can follow us on Facebook:


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