Architeuthis Across America…and Beyond!

October 10, 2010

Today is 10/10/10, which of course means that today is International Squid Awareness Day (for a few minutes more, at least)! To celebrate, I am announcing my new project: Architeuthis Across America…and Beyond!

The goal of AAA…B is to identify as many locations as possible that have on display either A) a preserved specimen, B) a life-size replica/model, or C) a sculpture or mural of Architeuthis (or other large cephalopod). To this end I have created the Google Map you’ll find embedded below.

This is still very much a work in progress, but eventually each pin on the map will include notes describing what you can expect to find there, squid-wise, as well as the occassional helpful hint. Additionally, each location will get a write-up here on ISK, and because I haven’t personally been to most of these places, any reader input/travel tips will be greatly appreciated. I’d like this to be as comprehensive as possible, so drop me a line if I’ve left anything out!

Once the our little teuthic travel guide is complete, all that will be left to do is rent a Giant Squid U-Haul and hit the open road!

8 Responses to “Architeuthis Across America…and Beyond!”

  1. Jason R said

    There’s one in Sarasota, FL.

  2. The Peabody Museum at Yale has a model! I blogged about it here:

    I’m also incredibly bummed that I visited the Te Papa Museum in Wellington before they had the squid there. Right place wrong time!

    • I’ve always wanted to visit the Peabody, and now I want to even more!

      That definitely sucks about the Te Papa. Its not like most of us can take multiple trips to New Zealand!

      I have a feeling this project is going to give me the travel bug something fierce.:)

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  4. What an outstanding idea! Yay!

    I believe the giant squid that was found in Monterey Bay during the summer of 2008 is now preserved and on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. There’s a poster about it at the conference tonight, so I will confirm and get back to you.

    This is going to be an epic road trip. =)

  5. Sounds like it’s in the collections at SBMNH, but not on public display. But I wonder if Eric Hochberg, invertebrate curator and cephalopod biologist extraordinaire, might be willing/able to show it off if it were a destination on the squid pilgrimage . . .

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