Wednesday Comics: “Calling Doctor Aquaman!”

August 25, 2010

What happens to the poor fish of the seven seas who become injured or ill? Are they left to float and flounder on the choppy waters, unattended and uncared for? Not if Aquaman can help it! For the Sea Sovereign operates an unusual underwater shelter and clinic for his finny friends—and they get all the medical attention they need by…CALLING DR. AQUAMAN!

The above panel (and quote) is from Adventure Comics #188, published by DC Comics in May, 1953. This injured octopus is probably Topo, Aquaman’s constant cephalopod companion during the Golden Age. (One day I’ll write up a full profile on Topo…one day). I’m not sure what kind of injury he could have sustained that would require treatment with splint, but he sure doesn’t look happy!

I can relate, actually. It is one month today since I had surgery on my thumb, and I am still unable to use my right hand for much of anything. Sure, there has been some improvement over the past four weeks—for example, I was able to tie my shoes last week!—but I don’t even have all the stitches out yet. It can barely bend at the knuckle, and I can’t grasp or pick anything up with that hand. And, worst of all, I have to type left-handed! Maybe it is time to call Dr. Aquaman…

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4 Responses to “Wednesday Comics: “Calling Doctor Aquaman!””

  1. Jacek said

    Dr. Aquaman just wants to be sure the octopus’ arm bone heals correctly, of course!

    (Dr. Aquaman may or may not have an actual degree in veterinary medicine from an accredited university.)

  2. Casey said

    I hope he doesn’t have any scales come off and end up inside of a patient after an operation. Does he really need all of that Dr. garb if he’s just doing some simple first aid stuff? I’m guessing this guy probably just did it so he could write himself some fun prescriptions for the weekends.

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